Sponsor Spotlight: Metal Coating Specialists

Do you have some outdoor furniture that has seen better days? We have a solution for you!! Contact our sponsor in the spotlight, Metal Coating Specialists, in Monroe, Wisconsin! Metal Coating Specialists will take your item, sandblast it, and then powder coat it in any of the 6,500 Prismatic Powder colors! They are also fast and efficient and will have your item back to you in no time! They do more than outdoor furniture as well. Contact them today to see if they can help you out!

You can find Metal Coating Specialists on our limited late model car that runs in Darlington, Wisconsin and on our IMCA Late Model which will run in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois at various tracks!

928 10th Ave W, Monroe, WI 53566

+1 608-214-6978

Contact Metal Coating Specialists for all your metal coating needs! Their work is stunning and completed in a timely manner. Thank you to Metal Coating Specialists for their support in dirt track racing and Leverington Motorsports! We appreciate you!

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