Sponsor Spotlight: LUBE USA

Our first Sponsor Spotlight of the year goes out to LUBE USA. LUBE USA partnered with Leverington Motorsports for the first time this year! We are very happy to welcome them to our team. You can see their company logo on our limited late model which we run in Darlington, Wisconsin and on our IMCA Late Model. Our IMCA Late Model will be hitting the track very soon and will run at surrounding tracks in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

What can LUBE USA do for you? Contact the United States and Canada representative, Brad Kaiser, for the following services and supports:

• Supplying LUBE original grease cartridges

• Supplying lubrication system parts

• Repairing grease pumps (bleeding air and/or cleaning check valves)

• Lubrication system maintenance services

• Installing/retrofitting lubrication systems

• Providing lubrication seminars

A huge thank you to LUBE USA and Brad Kaiser for joining our dirt track team! We appreciate your support.

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